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LipoCube™ is an innovative medical device used for the harvesting, filtering, concentration and transfer of a patient’s adipose tissue for various medical purposes.
The technology focuses on providing minimally invasive options for patients, which can be performed either in an office setting or at the operation room if needed.

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Maximum Benefit

LipoCube gently filters, homogenizes, and resizes adipose tissues quickly.

Resize Tissues

LipoCube gently filters, homogenizes, and resizes adipose tissues quickly.

Uniformed Adipose

LipoCube has a unique blade system designed to produce uniform adipose tissue for consistent, reproducible outcomes.


LipoCube is a single-use and closed system which reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Greater Precision

The LipoCube system offers greater precision and customization in the treatment of various body parts.

Minimally Invasive

The LipoCube procedure can be performed under local anesthesia in a physician’s office or in a surgical setting and can be completed in less than one hour.

Facts About Processsed Fat Tissue in Literature

Abundant and Accessible Source
Processed adipose tissue is an abundant and accessible source of regenerative cells, easily harvested through minimally invasive procedures like liposuction..[1, 2, 3]

Rich in Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)
Processed adipose tissue is rich in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) capable of differentiating into various cell types, making it a valuable source for tissue repair and regeneration. [4, 5, 6]

Reduced Risk of Rejection
Mechanically processed adipose tissue can be obtained from the patient’s own body or a compatible donor, reducing the risk of rejection and the need for immunosuppressive drugs. [6, 7, 8]

Versatile and Flexible Applications
Adipose tissue has versatile applications, including tissue reconstruction, wound healing, joint repair, and aesthetic procedures, due to its ability to differentiate into different cell types. [9, 10, 11]

Minimal Morbidity and Fast Recovery
Harvesting adipose tissue for regenerative purposes is associated with minimal morbidity and fast recovery compared to more invasive procedures, such as bone marrow, allowing for quicker return to normal activities. [12, 13, 14]


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